Model: 80161016
  • Price: € 259.90
  • Shipping costs: € 45.00
  • Measure Shoes :
  • Handling Time: 5 days
  • Object location: Map
  • Cod. 80161016
  • Sizes » 36-48- Half size: 39.5 to 45.5

  • • Sole Carbon Ultralight 100% unidirectional carbon for maximum power transmission
  • • Compatible with NW Speedplay adapter for clearance less foot-pedal
  • • Upper Biomap unibody micro-perforated microfiber lightweight laser that fits the shape of the foot
  • • Double SLW2 rotor with extra strap: the only one with step-by-step release and complete in a single button
  • • The integrated bead with interior material in directional fiber prevents undermined
  • • Extreme Air footbed Ages for greater arch support
  • • Weight: 235 gr

Letue energies are precious, never go to waste. That's why lenostre shoes are designed with BioMap technology. The sole, latomaia and all components are anatomically compatibilecon the foot of every cyclist and are designed to maintain ilpiede in the correct position while pedaling, transmitting Laforza directly on the pedals without wasting energy.

UltraLight. Maximum rigidity, minimum thickness and lightness davveroimparagonabile for a sole choice by the best athletes: only more ventilated 60gr.Ancora thanks to the evolution dell'Airflow system.

Laminor distance between foot and pedal on the market. Northwave has developed ebrevettato in partnership with Speedplay, an exclusive adattatoreche ensures maximum power transmission to the pedals, thanks to assemble in a reduced thickness of only 0.5mm, compared with 3mm of tradizionaliadattatori Speedplay. The nylon adapter with a small tag inalluminio (eliminates well 8,5gr) allows compliance lanaturale anatomy of the sole maintaining minimum distance between foot epedale in any position. Without adding bulk and weight comeavviene in systems without an adapter.

Isresponsible our ventilation system with large air intakes for farrespirare your feet: the lower fresh air brings all'internodella sole, the side guarantee its parts.

Ilsistema micrometer SLW 2 (Speed ​​Lace Winch) rappresental'evoluzione of the closure system. Maximum precision and modularitàd'uso. The innovative locking step by step, allows oallargare tighten the fit in a few moments. The side button offers unadoppia feature: push offers a mentresollevandolo micrometer release allows the complete and immediate opening of the shoe. Piùleggerezza and thinner. The rotor was completely rivistonelle size and in weight, resulting now considerably lighter esottile, while the external coating soft touch makes the piùefficace outlet. The ergonomic shape of the base of the SLW 2 seguel'anatomia mechanism of the foot to the benefit of comfort. The SLW2 mechanism is easily replaceable. The cables used exploit miglioritecnologie derived from the world of sailing.

Do the new monocoque construction of the uppers have allowed integrareun effective retention system inside the heel dellastruttura, without the need for external components. Same effectiveness minorpeso.

The internodella the upper in the heel area has been coated with a grippy specificomateriale whose fibers oriented in a single direction facilitanola fit but at the same time block the heel, so as to make always firm lacalzata.

Leggerissimoe extraordinarily airy thanks to the holes which coincide with the IVS of the sole, it has been completely redesigned to offer unmaggiore arch support and along the medial side so damigliorare efficiency and comfort.

Sicurezzagarantita in poor visibility conditions. The products HighVisibility Northwave is an advisable and intelligent siaper when you move into the chaotic city traffic, both quandopercorrete rural roads often poorly lit. Iconducenti cars and trucks will be able to immediately realize dellapresenza cyclist and maintain the correct distance of the leaders sicurezza.L'utilizzo High Visibility Northwave is therefore the idealecomplemento approved the vest with reflective stripes, as notoobbligatorio by law from half ' hour after sunset until amezz'ora before dawn in rural roads, and during giornose will run through galleries or tunnels.


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